Autumn Door Wreath Workshop

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As August dissolves into September and the nostalgia of the summer that’s past sinks in. We turn our heads to the next chapter in the season. We don’t want to let go just yet but we snuggle under blankets to watch the sun go down and light candles to make it cosy! Our children return to school and we start to plan for the next part of the year.

A little ‘Me’ time is due after 6 weeks of running here and there to activities and days out. As my friend always says- September is a new pencil case kind of month!! We prepare the home for snuggle days and slow cooker meals as the sunlight becomes lower in the sky and the warm days of September act like a cashmere blanket around our shoulders…September we love you !

Come and join us for an autumn wreath making workshop, forage for cones and heathers on your walks and bring them along with you to add to your wreath. It’s time to prepare for the next chapter in the year so why not join us and we will show you how…

Date: Monday 25th September 2023

Time: 9:30 - 12 noon

Location: Lily’s Flowers, Windlesham, GU18 5SU.

All materials and tools required will be provided. If you would like to bring some foraged items to add you are most welcome. 

Your finished door wreath will be approximately 40cm diameter with a hanging point.